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Gaming | Benching

Custom built Gaming | Benching computers are hand crafted for the best performance while maintaining manageable temperatures.  Sporting the fastest CPUs and GPU’s, with customizable thermal solutions, these are sweet for the Avid Gamer or Competitive Bencher.

Multimedia | Professional

Custom built Multimedia | Professional computers support graphics intensive applications for Designers, small to mid-sized Engineering & Architectural firms, 3D rendering, Video & Audio editing.  Typically sporting Intel Core or AMD Ryzen CPUs and nVIDIA GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon GPU’s

Workstation | Server

Custom built Workstation computers typically support Intel Core or Xeon CPUs, NVIDIA Quadro GPU’s, standard or ECC Memory for graphic intensive applications for Scientists, Engineering & Architectural, 3D rendering, Video & Audio editing.  

Student | Business | Home

Custom built Student | Business | Home are less expensive computers that use less powerful CPUs and GPU’s for use in applications like email, web surfing, spreadsheets, word processing, slideshow presentations, YouTubing & watching movies and videos.